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[1GMO]: Why is everybody angry? 🤨

Published about 1 month ago • 3 min read

Hey Reader,

You back from church yet? 👀. Ok cool, let me get comfy lol. I’m about to talk about something that nobody asked my opinion on, but I’m feeling spicy today.

Disclaimer: Because we’re cool, I thought I’d share my thoughts. So if you don’t wanna read, just close your phone right now. But if you’re nosy (without harm of course) keep reading!

[Yes, this is a long email, but worth the read, promise 🫶🏾]

So, I’m online often enough and it’s been over a year that I’ve seen this trend. But honestly, since this year started it has gotten significantly WORSE.

People are so pressed about what others are doing. Like, the online space is big mad!

I’ll be scrolling sometimes and come across such angry Instagram posts, tweets, and threads and I’m like ‘Baby why are you shouting? Are you okay?

Sometimes I do laugh lmao, I can’t lie. Because I’m in such shock that people are that upset about somebody else’s choices. Especially when it comes to business!

Now before you side-eye just know, that I am not referring to our online friends who are standing for a cause.

I’m referring to those who are upset about what everyone is doing. You know those people who make jarring social posts to spike engagement? Rage baiting I believe it’s called. They’re who I’m referring to.

It’s so weird to me Reader, because I always think, instead of screaming in your Canva post, why not just BE the change you want to see?

And if we’re being honest, I’m tired of seeing the ‘If you’re an X and you don’t do Y, it’s a red flag’, ‘You don’t need X you need Z’ and the list goes on. Because again, these posts aren’t meant to educate or empower. They’re meant to be petty, shady, rude and fearmongering.

The online space has shifted so much since COVID-19, so I imagine everyone is a little fatigued, especially as business owners, where we have to wear different hats daily. However, it’s no excuse to always be mad about what everybody else has going on.

I’ve seen people name-calling and hosting bully-filled fests in their comments. I have seen some mess. And before you ask, yes I do block, mute, and unfollow, however, I can’t seem to get away (if you have connections, tell them to reset your girl’s algorithm PLEASE 🤣).

This is how I’m looking at my phone sometimes when I’m online 👇🏾

These internet streets are something else. But Reader, instead of subscribing to the ‘always angry’ movement, I’ve developed my approach for things I don’t agree with. Feel free to steal these and apply them to your life and business.

Here we go…

Figure out WHY you’re upset

A lot of the time, we’re upset because we’re triggered. However, being triggered isn’t a bad thing in my honest opinion. It’s more so your reaction when triggered. So before you hit live to rant or design that Canva graphic, ask yourself, ‘Why am I upset by others and their choices?’

Knowing WHEN to speak out

Being quiet is a superpower. Always crying wolf, or always wanting to be the person who calls out unethical practices, etc isn’t the flex many think it is. Why you may ask? Because overtime, you’ll start to be associated with negativity. You’ll be known as the person who ‘always has an issue’.

And to make it worse? People WILL be waiting for you to mess up. I know it’s messed up, but being perfect patty with the megaphone means that people will rarely give you grace.

You can speak out against things you don’t agree with (like I’m doing right now), however, do it with tact and ensure it doesn’t tarnish your brand.

I’m Jamaican, so when I was little my mother would always tell me ‘Kibba yuh mout’ when I was too hyped on negativity. As an adult, I 100% understand what she meant now. There is power in shutting up and speaking with INTENTION.

HOW to make a difference in your business

Now here’s where you can BE the change. For every unethical practice you notice, you can create a resource for your audience, create a system to avoid it or educate your audience on what they need to know to protect themselves. Reader, don’t let me see you rage-baiting, please. Don’t let me down 🤭.

As Beyoncé said, don’t talk about it, BE about it.

There are so many paths to take without being an angry online persona. We’re all online for our businesses, so of course we’ll see unethical and harmful practices in our different industries. And I do believe we have a responsibility to do something about it, but ‘Twitter fingers’ and ‘Live rants’ don’t hit the way you think.

Build the systems, create the resources, and commit to educating. Your audience will thank you for it. And yes, I’m speaking from experience!

Anyways, lemme get out your phone lol. Go kick your feet up and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Oh, if you’ve got any thoughts about this newsletter, reply to this email. I’m always excited to interact with you Reader.

Until I have my next spicy thought, see ya!

Chat soon,

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